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Welcome to the official website of the Overholser Family Association, which is based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We cordially invite you to browse our site and then join us in creating and maintaining a record of ancestors and descendants of the Overholser families of North America.

Some alternate spellings of the family name include Oberholtz, Uberholtzer, Overholser, Oberheuser, Overhults, VanHulser, Overhuls, Overhalser, Overhalt, Atherholt, Obold, Uberholser, Overholtzer, Overholt, Overhulster, Oberholser, and Oberholtzer.

Annual OFA Reunion

The 2024 Overholser Family Association Reunion will be held on Friday, August 2nd, and Saturday, August 3rd.

On Friday evening, there will be a gathering at Yoder’s Restaurant in New Holland, PA for dinner and a get acquainted time of fellowship. On Saturday morning, we will meet east of Terre Hill, PA.

View more information about the annual reunion.


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