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The OFA has published a book entitled “The Oberholtzer Book.” The Book is described as “A Foundation Book of Oberholtzer Immigrants and Unestablished Lines.” Anyone may purchase a copy of our Book.

The OFA Book is: $40.00 + $4.40 shipping & handling (book rate). PA residents need to add $2.40 for PA tax. If you have any questions regarding the book or your order, please contact the Overholser Family Association.

To bring our publications up to date with current Overholser family relatives, we would appreciate your input for your Overholser family history. If you would like to contribute to our efforts to compile an overall Overholser family history, please contact the Overholser Family Association.

In the 1700s, a number of families named Oberholtzer (or similar spelling) sailed by various ships from Europe to America. The actual number of families or individuals by this surname who traveled to America has not been determined. In any event, a large number of those individuals has been identified by the Overholser Family Association and the names thereof along with many descendants have been published in the OFA’s “The Oberhottzer Book.” Names of those individuals include the following:

List of Identified Male Oberholtzer Families
(alphabetical by first name, then chronological order)
Some descendants of the following individuals are identified in The Book.

Abraham Overholser c1740 – 1798 Bedford Co PA
Abraham Overholtzer m. 1789 Montgomery Co PA
Abraham Overholser m. 1803 Bucks Co PA
Abraham Overholts 1746 PA – 1840 Thorold, Lincoln Co Ont.
Abraham Overholzer 1761 – 1831 Springfield Twp, Bucks Co PA
Abraham Overholts d 1803/4 Franklin Co VA
Benjamin Oberholser 1806 – 1847 Welland Co Ont.
Christian Oberholtzer m. 1764 York Co PA
Christian Oberholtzer d 1798 Hempfield Twp, Lancaster Co PA
Christian Overholser dp 1810 Reading Twp, Adams Co PA
Christian Overholser d 1828 Giles Co VA
David Overholt c1780 – 1857 Doylestown, Bucks Co PA
Hans Jacob Oberholtzer Europe – 1771 Hatfield Twp, Montgomery Co PA
(1730 immigrant on ALEXANDER & ANN)
Henry Overholt d 1764 Worcester Twp, Montgomery Co PA
Henry Overholser b c1772 Adams Co PA
Henry Oberholtzer d 1827 Roeson Twp, Berks Co PA
Isaac Overholt c1746 PA – 1825 Louth, Lincoln Co Ont.
Isaac Overholt m. bef 1812 Bucks Co PA
Jacob Oberholtzer c1686? Europe – 1771 Hatfield Twp, Montgomery Co PA
(1717/9 immigrant)
Jacob Oberholtzer c1704 Europe – 1755 Brocknock Twp, Lancaster PA
(1732 immigrant on SAMUEL)
Jacob Oberholtzer 1741 – 1811 Colebrockdale, Berks Co PA
Jacob Overholt m 1809 Warwick, Bucks Co PA
Jacob Oberholtzer 1767 – 1847 Northampton Co PA & Columbiana Co OH
Jacob Overholser c1775 – 1815 Kingston, Upper Canada
Jacob Overholt 1774 PA – 1844 Clinton Co Ont.
Jacob Overholser 1801 – dp 1870 of Pennsylvania and Indiana
John Overholser c1740 – 1809 Adams Co PA
John Overholt d 1798 Tinicum Twp, Bucks Co PA
John Oberholtzer 1782 – 1828 Chester & Juniata Cos PA
Marcus Oberholtzer c1664 Europe – 1726 Coventry, Chester Co PA (1710 immigrant on MARY HOPE) Note:Now available on CD.
Marcus Oberholtzer b c1760 Rockingham Co VA
Mark Overholt d 1754 Tinicum Twp, Bucks Co PA
Mark Overholt c1733 – 1798 Richland Twp, Bucks Co PA
Martin Oberholtzer c1667 Europe – dp 1733 Lancaster Co PA
(1710 immigrant on MARY HOPE)
Samuel Oberholtzer c1700 Europe – 1748 Manor Twp, Lancaster Co PA
(1727 immigrant on MOLLY)
List of Identified Female Families
(alphabetical by first name, then chronological order with husband identified)
Descendants of the following individuals are not identified in The Book.
Anna Oberholtzer b c1699 Europe Earl Twp, Lancaster Co PA m. Hans Heinrich Martin
Anna Elisabetha Oberholtzer Warwick, Lancaster Co PA m. Johannes Staengle
Anna Oberholtzer 1774 – 1854 Cedars, Montgomery Co PA m. Samuel D. Moyer
Barbara Oberholtzer 1737 1823 m. Christian Bretz
Barbara Oberholtzer 1754 – 1835 Plumstead Twp, Bucks Co PA m. Christian Gayman
Catherine Oberholtzer d 1817 Franconia, Montgomery Co PA m. Isaac Cassel Landis
Catherine Overholt 1779 – 1855 Montgomery Co PA m. Martin Kindig
Elizabeth Oberholtzer 1791 – 1861 Macungie Twp, Lehigh Co PA m. Jacob Schuler
Maria Oberholser Montgomery Co PA m. Wilhelm Springer
Maria Oberholtzer d 1807 Northampton Co PA m. Rev Samuel Bechtel
Maria Oberholtzer 1766 – 1834 Worcester, Montgomery Co PA m. John Reiff Detweiler
Maria Oberholtzer Lancaster Co PA m. Jacob Kendig
Sarah Oberholtzer d 1828 Northampton Co PA m. Michael Delp
Sarah Overholt 1779 – 1860 Bucks Co PA m1. — Gehman, m2. Christian K Moyer
Susanna Overholtzer Lancaster Co PA m. Jacob G. Wenger

If you wish to obtain additional information on any of the above names, please send your request to the Overholser Family Association. If you have additional data, particularly on the females, please share that info with us as well. We are currently gathering family data to produce a follow on document, hard copy and/or digital. We would appreciate your assistance.